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Nestled in the center of the garden, the 11 x 4-meter swimming pool unveils itself under a mild sky. Its ideal location reveals a panoramic view of the sea and the silhouettes of Calvi. Around it, sun loungers are strategically placed under a pergola, offering an oasis of shade and coolness.


Relaxation & Lounging

Sheltered from the wind, on the discreet terrace located behind the house and near the pool house, sits a ping-pong table, inviting moments of relaxation and outdoor play.


The village of Lumio

The entrance to the village begins in the courtyard, just at the foot of the staircase. A short walk through the paved and winding streets leads to the village square, a crossroads of life and encounters steeped in tradition.

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The beaches

Discover the splendid beaches of northern Corsica, where golden sands meet the crystalline waters of the Mediterranean. These sun-kissed shores are paradises for relaxation enthusiasts and water sports enthusiasts alike. Each beach, with its unique character, tells a different story, offering an idyllic setting to soak in the natural beauty and island tranquility.

The mountain

The mountains of Balagne, with their verdant peaks, offer a striking contrast to the Corsican coastline. They are a paradise for hikers, revealing panoramas that capture the wild and unspoiled essence of the region. A blend of adventure and natural beauty, ideal for those seeking to explore beyond the beaches